Monday, 11 May 2009

Hip Hip Hurray!

Well done everyone! We have reached the end of the AS year and your AS course. We are really pleased with the standard of work this year and there are a number of outstanding pieces with which we are super-impressed! As a department, we all agree that the films this year are the highest standard we have seen in this college so you should all be very happy with yourselves!

Also, we are really happy with how the whole blog thing has worked out so another pat on the back to you all. Most of you have used the blog as a brilliant way to keep on top of your production processes and therefore should have found them really helpful when it came to writing the evaluation - I know we referred back to them especially for initial research and the films you have acknowledged.

So, to summarize, well done Media students! We are really pleased and you should be too! See you all for A2 music videos!

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